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Water is a common chemical substance that is essential to all known forms of life. typical usage, water refers only to its liquid form or state, but the substance also has a solid state,...
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Thanks for the follow Tim @TWControls! I'll definitely check into your water projects - I'm a part of a few myself through @rotary !

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The Thirsty San Diegan’s Guide to New Water Projects: The Thirsty San Diegan's Guide to New Water...

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In deep water projects, when the drilling fluid returns to the surface it gets quite colder .

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RT @ORHamilton: Crowdfunding campaign to build a solar-powered water desalination plant in #Gaza:

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Wastewater treatment plant - Voice of San Diego: Voice of San Diego Wastewater treatment plant Voice of San Diego...

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I just backed The HighView:an iPad hanger that gives back to children Guatemala who need fresh water @Kickstarter

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