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#Ferguson protesters are facing tear gas & guns instead of water cannons. Must be a shortage of water with all these ice bucket challenges.

Twitter: @onlyjackarmy

I imagineGD say "i gonna do IB challenge" then goes to country with water shortage then gives the water to people, You know what i mean? Lol

Twitter: @LeeMinaChan

RT @HealthyriversMT: Let's make sure #Montana steers clear of this problem. #Protectheadwaters to protect downstream uses.…

Twitter: @MTWildlife

We have a serious water shortage in the West. But I won't say dumping out buckets of frozen water for charity is ironic.

Twitter: @Team2Bit

#Iran faces critical water shortage due to poor planning, bad policies & drought via @FT

Twitter: @Katulis

RT @GazaGlobal: #Gaza water shortage,caused by Israeli strikes,leads to outbreak of skin disease,infections.rt http:…

Twitter: @mansoorkn17