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UN treaty to regulate Americans' use of energy, travel, water, agriculture: #tcot #tlot #TeaParty #SGP #PJNET

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#NE5 #RedcroftGreen Supplies are restored. Discoloured water is safe to use: @NewcastleCC

Twitter: @nwater_care

RT @EliCvrter: we live in such a selfish world. everyone is "hurt" or "can't trust anyone" and use that as a easy way out and to water them…

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RT @G0_NAWAZ_G0: Insafians Beware Chaudhry Mr Bean has planned to use ' Water Canon, on 30 November, It'll be cold ! #AzadiShowDown #Hal…

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You shouldn’t use running water to thaw food. For water efficiency and food safety, defrost food in the refrigerator. #rapidrooterSF

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RT @YES_SaveEnergy: How much of the world's water is available for human use? A - 97% B - 23% C - 3% D - Less than 1% #Contest #Quiz

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