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"@beeterry__: What's the best thing to use for facial cleansing ?"cold water

Twitter: @Kenny__Velvet

Some older toilets use as much as 7 gallons of water in one flush! Is your toilet flushing money down into the sewer?

Twitter: @SobieskiService

"Pour water@Boanerge28: Make her cum or use saliva!! @olalee1: Eyah RT @ValerieAyo Nothing to dampen it."

Twitter: @i_rathlesnake

If its raining, put a bucket outside to catch water and use it later for something

Twitter: @lilsteph_

@r4wk5t4r I don't really use my @Jawbone Up band anymore. It was too sensitive to water. I think the @Nike fuel band is a better option.

Twitter: @jeanajuice

The healing water you can use to recover health actually used to be a bowl of noodles in the beginning. Asian noodles are awesome!

Twitter: @PG_kurooka