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One really big thing I noticed after high school theatre ended was that I no longer have use for my Camelbak water bottle.

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RT @stetsonbuckaloo: What's the use of life if you don't live it? You sip your water I'll drink my beer #leebrice

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The thing is we are hella lucky to have resources like clean water so we shouldn't have to think twice when we want to use it

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@RickyPDillon I dare you to get a blow horn and use it to wake one of the guys up followed by dumping water on them👌 #idarericky

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RT @OmarImranTweets: Since everyone is doing the ice challenge, I suggest the Israeli PM to join too, but instead of ice water I want him t…

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Coral organisms use minuscule appendages to control their environment, stirring up water eddies to bring nutrients

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