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@TreeTopBaking @AmateurBakers it's similar to a sourdough starter but with less water but use instant yeast to start it off #breadchat

Twitter: @NG10Bakehouse

Why Data Matters At Charity: Water. "As the organization has matured, it’s critical to use data to make decisions"

Twitter: @idealware

RT @Root_Solutions: After conserving water do we use more energy? Does buying green lead to cheating? We all exhibit #morallicencing. http:…

Twitter: @RahelHazen

RT @TheRoot: #CNN's Rosemary Church on #Ferguson: "Why not perhaps use water cannons?"

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Taking long hot showers can actually get rid of good oils in your skin. Shorten your showers or use warm water #skincare

Twitter: @LotusMoon

@zachsnacks why hasnt anyone nominated you for the ice bucket challenge...i bet you would use warm water just to mess with people

Twitter: @Emma_dilla