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Wheeler on twitter
This time in 2 months I'll be living in the USA!

Twitter: @Becca_Wheeler

'jaffa cake' macarons @GroveNarberth @ChefJessBishop @PeterWhaleyChef @chris_solva @gwen_wheeler_

Twitter: @RockyChef88

@Willie_3Av @Clantastic Just an imitation Wheeler is a twat all of the time.

Twitter: @We_are_Flyers

RT @colesprouse: You really have know idea how much @dylansprouse and I miss you. @ThePhillLewis

Twitter: @aspen_wheeler

@Willie_3Av @We_are_Flyers @Clantastic he's no quite reached wheeler levels of cuntishness.... Yet

Twitter: @Bobjan22

RT @DemaryiusT: We know it's a big game and we know y'all are gonna be loud and repping the orange & navy #OurColors @tidenfl #SNF https://…

Twitter: @jalen_wheeler