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Wheeler on twitter
RT @CloydRivers: Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy a 4-wheeler. And I ain't ever seen a sad person on a 4-wheeler. Merica.

Twitter: @stanleyj99

RT @loudobbsnews: Obama's Unrelenting Authoritarianism: Wheeler scheduled for marathon week of testimony on Internet rulesā€¦

Twitter: @PatHensley14

Wheat V E Lacon Revill V Newberry Hartwell V Grayson Wheeler V Copas

Twitter: @ImALMarcelo

Oh snap interception??? šŸ˜

Twitter: @Lexy_Wheeler

ā€œ@wheeler_forrest #FreshOffTheBoat. Rice bag was comfy, pantry was warm & cozy! Rt bro @theianchen?ā€ NO.

Twitter: @TheIanChen

$10 Paper Banknote Commonwealth of Australia Phillips Wheeler SXX Series M-379

Twitter: @hidalgoplinio