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As a woman, what's @SarahPalinUSA's position on GOP's war on women? Equal pay for women? A woman's right to choose? Abortion?

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A MOTHER'S LOVE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW Kennedy Mondane, a woman whose had her share of heartache and pain, life is...

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@TasiaAlexisss Tasia, you don't deserve to be spoken to like that by someone. It's just not right. You're a woman and you deserve respect.

Twitter: @clay_brice

Federal judge: “The controversy over a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion will never end.“

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My #wcw is that foxy lady on the right! She is the most amazing woman I know. She's my best friend,…

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@TommyBoyEnt I'm listening&listening to "She's Still A Woman" right now :)) #ShesStillAWoman

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