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#MB Oswald's chances with women voters against Pallster? What do u think?

Twitter: @charlesadler

.@PuestoLoco @gollygee13 @ggreenwald famously advised Nixon to feign some affection for his wife in public, for the sake of women voters.

Twitter: @jhamby

@aap_women @AamAadmiParty Is it not conflict of interest?Those doing corporate jobs once elected is cheating d voters of their constituency.

Twitter: @RChandran3

@NickRossTech @Bastille1790 Leftwing segment of voters all to perpetuate a narrative of War On Women.

Twitter: @Mythspeak

Gladys Wanga women mp Homa bay owe the honourable voters of Sotik an apololgy.


RT @DaveRobertsSD: With League of Women Voters members discussing updating LWV's position on mental health issues in San Diego County. http…

Twitter: @DimitriosHASDIC