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I got great work ethic

Twitter: @Mam2Bad

RT @QuebecTango: CV quote of the day: "Have a high work ethic and will always prioritise my job making sure the work is completed to of a h…

Twitter: @DJSubterrain

You can't have million dollar dreams, with minimum wage work ethic 💯💯

Twitter: @DaRealVassell

Having great work ethic is awesome but skipping meals because you're working so much is not. Healthy food is fuel for your body and mind.

Twitter: @princedjan2

Everybody has these dreams and goals but only a select few have the work ethic to back it up.

Twitter: @steven_hulse

RT @DanielHemric: Word on the street is......."You can't meet a Million Dollar Dream with a Minimum Wage Work Ethic" #truestory #havefaith

Twitter: @Lucas_H38