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RT @OU_Softball: Coach Gasso says @PendleyShelby may have the best work ethic of any player she's ever seen. "She does it day in and day ou…

Twitter: @BoYbarra10

RT @247Juice_: Kris Jenner Praises Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Work Ethic, Teases Daughters’ Future in Fashion

Twitter: @ChocboyM

RT @DStarRAW_: Don't get it twisted, you can go to an HBCU and still make millions after you graduate. Its all about the work ethic

Twitter: @Shoot_MyRainbow

RT @RyanPannone: Traits of a coach’s FAVORITE player Effort Energy Good attitude Work ethic Great teammate Coachable Competes Hustle Talks …

Twitter: @BallFever_CO_Tr

RT @3PointPlayer: Point Guard Leadership 1. Strong Work Ethic 2. Interpersonal Skills 3. High Basketball IQ

Twitter: @RommieRome25

RT @CoachDuzzMSU: Quiet Time- Excellence " the minute you get away from fundamentals - technique, work ethic, or mental prep - the bottom …

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