Topic: Work Ethic
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Work Ethic on twitter
RT @fvckwalsh: Our generation has so many questions, but our work ethic leads us to very little answers.

Twitter: @hippiestitches

RT @AwesomityFun: Your G.P.A reflects your work ethic not your intelligence some smart people are just lazy & some 4.0's came from cheatin…

Twitter: @_matias_og

RT @Traphik: I might raise my kids like we're broke til theyre like 12 cuz strugglin growin up def shaped my work ethic & made me appreciat…

Twitter: @Cesca_loves_you

Poor work ethic

Twitter: @notxela

Slack: Named for its security team's work ethic. I was on it 3 days before I had to change my pw everywhere on the net. Thanks @SlackHQ!

Twitter: @chrisrnesi

RT @MarioGToussaint: Some got lucky but I don't believe in luck, I believe in my work ethic cause it always pays off! ~MT #success #quotes

Twitter: @SundayGirl727