Topic: Work Ethic
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Work Ethic on twitter
@chrisbrown's work ethic is incredible, he's about to release an album with 18 songs and just dropped a FREE mixtape with 34 songs.


Work was cool i am a bit tired bt glad i did something towards my work ethic

Twitter: @tierawatts12

RT @healthyyfitbody: Having great work ethic is awesome but skipping meals because you're working so much is not. Healthy food is fuel for …

Twitter: @AubreyRobinson6

RT @ch000ch: Interviewer: why should i hire u? Pirate: my work ethic is impeccable Parrot on shoulder: LOVE GETTING DRUNK BEFORE INTERVIEWS…

Twitter: @maliahinz

@blakinola work ethic and professionalism prob

Twitter: @Bellbell

RT @CoachMotto: I'd take a 2-star recruit with a 5-star work ethic over a 5-star recruit with a 2-star work ethic any day. – Mike Krzyzewski

Twitter: @GroveBasketball