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@Matt_Fowler5 and Kevin Cher discussing work schedules before church.

Twitter: @bombers22

@customBATES @heem_p @Mrterry816 work schedules starting next year . And there will b about 900 jobs opening up for the 15 truck so star ...

Twitter: @LG_6ick

Why do people who "can't take" of their kids or whose schedules "don't work" with their kids have kids 😂😩

Twitter: @Sxnchez

@buffer Just de-installed Java... Zero effect. Still nothing. Stuff via IFTTT and schedules work however. ?!

Twitter: @_dpaj

mines tooo ugh but if i work on my birthday or w.e we can do it after "@foreverrrYOUNG_: @JayMichelle_x3 @PInkM0neyBby depends on schedules"

Twitter: @JayMichelle_x3

@TransLink omg im gonna late for work :( why they skip the origin. Schedules?

Twitter: @ryder07