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It's so hard to make plans when you and your friend both work and your schedules are so opposite. #thestruggle

Twitter: @ohheyybrittnayy

@garycrable @ThatAlexisGirll lol we'll plan something soon that works w all our work schedules

Twitter: @CraazyCassss

our schedules never link up though .. like why is he always at camp when i want to talk to him then im at work. i can't

Twitter: @Trackh3ad

@drivemecrazy7 it really is -_- but our schedules just never work out

Twitter: @ilygladys

perry put up two weeks worth of schedules ! ! ! and i switched a shift with geoffry ! ! ! i get to work with joy ! ! !

Twitter: @lamegirl808

It sucks man,we both work full-time so we gotta work around each others schedules

Twitter: @JenniBeKillnEm