Topic: World Peace
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World Peace on twitter
RT @elissakh: Again Happy Eid to everyone around the world!!filled with prosperity and peace.. 💖💖💖

Twitter: @MonaFarouk72

The world has been upside down for a while now. War is peace, peace is terror; terror is a handful of rockets, peace is thousands of rockets

Twitter: @HalfWohHalfAmzg

Having a peace of mind is the best feeling in the world 😌

Twitter: @NotBout_DatLife

To all leaders in the world. Who can stop ceasefire and make a peace in Gaza between two side for long time, he/ she is the real human being

Twitter: @AdultDwi

It's a maddening world so u either lose yourself in it or u strive 2 heal it from the inside out #peace #compassion #gogreen #activism #love

Twitter: @RachelAvalon

Zionists are like a disease in the quest for world peace.

Twitter: @razeen24